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Using Hosted Messaging as a call tracker is key to understanding the success of your advertising campaigns.

With PATLive you can use a different call tracker phone number for each Web site, Web page, pay-per-click ad, or print advertisement and track everything with our comprehensive online reporting package.

View reports in bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts that can be broken down from a monthly overview to a detailed hourly or daily view. Download your reports on-demand or schedule them to be emailed on a regular basis.

We also give you the ability to track phone call traffic with Google Analytics and other popular analytics software.

You will be able to see your phone call traffic side-by-side with online Web site statistics.

You'll need a hidden Web page on your Web site. Link your hosted number to the URL when you create the routing schedule for your hosted number. Every time your hosted number is called, it will create a record on your hidden Web page. This makes it easy for Google Analytics or other Web-based analytics software to compare Web-based activity with phone-based activity.

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