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APIs: Call Tracking On Your Terms

What is an API? Simply put, an API is a mechanism for providing web-based, programmatic access to data and functions that would otherwise be inaccessible. For example, say you wanted to download your call data each night and import it into a CRM or reporting package. Without an API, there would be no way to access the call data without logging in to your account, downloading your call data to a CSV file, and importing it manually – over and over, every day. With an API, you could write a program to do all this for you automatically.

PATLive tries to understand and engage our clients in the development process such that our technology meets your needs. But we also realize every business is different and uses our services in unique ways. APIs allow our customers to use our services in ways we never anticipated or imagined. APIs put you in the driver seat and lets us ride shotgun!

The APIs currently available can pass call details for reporting, call recordings and voicemails, and list the services and phone numbers that are on the account.

APIs allow you to:

  • Integrate call data into your own reporting software
  • Have voice messages or call recording imported into a CRM system for storage tied to a customer record
  • Manage your phone numbers and services through your own interface without having to log into your online account

The sky is the limit with APIs. Click here to learn more specifics about integrating with our API.

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